Elbow Pain Treatment

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Rather if your struggling with lifting items or dealing with stiffness from elbow arthritis, our staff has the tools to get you back in the game. Relax as our physical therapists massage away tight and sore muscles with experienced hands and improve your strength with exercises. Turn back the clock, break up scar tissue and improve range of motion with our highly trained sports medicine doctors. 

Proven Results

The majority of our patients experience a reduction in pain of 85% or more and noticeable increases in range of motion and improved posture.

Fast Relief

Our revolutionary program of Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy has you back to enjoying your life in HALF the time of traditional therapy.

Cost Effective

 Our offices are in-network with most insurance plans and provide treatment options for any budget.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Elbow Conditions We Treat

Elbow Arthritis

The cartilage in between the joints of the elbow can wear away over time forcing the bones to rub together. As the elbow loses it’s lubricating liquid, painful friction develops within the joint and swelling and stiffness occur. Range of motion becomes significantly limited and walking can become difficult. Our sports medicine physicians have tools to rehydrate and rejuvenate dry and arthritic joints and turn back the clock on your elbows.

Medial and Lateral Epicondylitis

Individuals struggling with pinpoint pain on the outer or inner portion of the elbow often have a condition known as epicondylitis. The attachment point of the forearm muscles to the elbow is a common site for inflammation to develop. Our staff can reduce inflammation, break up scar tissue and improve elbow mechanics to get you back to enjoying your active lifestyle.

How We Treat Elbow Injuries

Treatments Include:

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