Knee Arthritis

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Our new FDA approved, opioid free therapy may delay or replace the need for expensive and painful joint replacement surgery. Our board-certified physicians replace the diminished fluid in your knee joint with an FDA approved visco gel, that provides the cushion and shock absorption your knees need. Our office uses state of the art digital imaging to accurately guide the viscogel directly into the knee joint so it can get to work fast. No guessing, no clumsy pinching or prodding around your aching knees. Our doctors get the medication accurately into the joint every single time. The majority of our patients feel better within a short time span after the therapy we provide.  

What Is Osteoarthritis of the knee

In a normal healthy knee, the two surfaces of the joint is separated by a thick layer of fluid and each side has a protective layer of cartilage. As the knee loses this fluid over time, the two surfaces of the knee begin to rub together and wear away the cartilage. As arthritis worsens over time, the bones can begin to break down over time and create sharp edges called bone spurs.  

In advanced stages of arthritis, the cartilage can completely wear away causing the bones to directly rub against each other, causing significant pain and swelling. 

Meet The Doctors

Dr Alex Onofrei

Dr Onofrei has been a top sports medicine physician in the valley for over 22 years. With a passion for delivering great results, Dr Onofrei has treated thousands of amateur and professional athletes from around the country. He was voted as the Top Team Doctor In The Nation, over all other professional and college team physicians in the country. He specializes in non-surgical sports medicine procedures to help patients get back to the active lifestyles they enjoy.

Troy Bushman

Known around the valley as one of the top doctors for spine and joint pain, Dr Bushman has been a great addition to our treatment team. He received his training with some of the top sports and spine doctors in the country during his residency with Barrows Neurological Institute. Dr Bushman combines the holistic approach he learned in Osteopathic school with modern medical techniques to deliver innovative treatments that work with the body's natural healing ability. He is always a patient favorite for his compassionate and caring personality he shows everyone he treats.

Renee Privett

Throughout Renee's career she has worked alongside with the top orthopedic surgeons in the the valley. She is highly regarded by her Colleagues and Surgeons as one of the best at diagnosing orthopedic injuries. Always a patient favorite, Renee is one of the most personable and fun people to be around. On top of being great a diagnosis, she is extremely skilled as at performing ultrasound guided joint injections.

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