Restore the Cushion Back in Your Knees and Say Goodbye to Arthritis Pain fast

And Yes, It's Covered By Medicare

When Your Knees Feel Stiff and Grinding, You've Lost Your Fluid Cushion

What's Causing The Pain In Your Knee?

  1. Knee stops producing fluid cushion
  2. Two Surfaces Of Joint Rub Together
  3. Painful Friction Is Felt as Cartilage Is Grinding Away

Our Medial Professionals Can Restore The Fluid Cushion Back In Your Knee

And Eliminate The Friction That's Causing Your Pain

"Like Adding WD-40 To a Rusty Joint"

Visco-Gel Injections Help Reduce Pain By:

It's Covered By Medicare.... Why Not See What This Amazing Treatment Can Do For You?

These FDA Approved Injections Are:

Conditions We Treat

We treat a variety of conditions at our clinic.

Life's More Enjoyable When You're Not In Pain

(Just Ask One Of Our 1,500+ Happy Patients That Saw Results)

"These guys were miracle workers for my knee arthritis, I have no doubt they saved me from getting my knee replaced."

-Bill (Chandler, AZ)


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