The Smart Way to Fix Your Hip Pain Fast

All in One Convenient Visit!

Everything you need to get your hip pain diagnosed and treated RIGHT AWAY!

On-site Imaging

for diagnosing your hip muscle and ligament pain with the same accuracy as getting an MRI

Hands-on Physical Therapy

skilled hands on muscle work  relieves trapped nerves and improves motion to restricted muscles in your hip and pelvis

safely build back hip and back strength and flexibility with guided exercises from a experienced physical therapist

Sports Medicine

Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mesa Arizona for Knee Arthritis, Hip Arthritis, Torn Shoulder Muscle, Tendinitis Medicare

dramatically improves the pain and inflammation in your hips in minutes

break up painful scar tissue and improve blood flow to your hip muscles

Recover Smarter.

Eliminate 4 separate appointments (and co-pays) in just one visit!

All in ONE Visit


Going to 4 Separate Visits

and Waiting for WEEKS

Get prescribed the right treatment for your hip pain Every Time

with PT + Imaging

Instead of your diagnosis relying solely on what a therapist FEELS… ultrasound imaging can allows our therapists to SEE the cause of your hip pain

With an accurate diagnosis, our therapists can recommend you the proper treatment…. rather that’s physical therapy with us or if you would be better served seeing a surgeon elsewhere

Streamlining your imaging and physical therapy in one clinic means fewer doctors visits (and co-pays) for you and your family

Join thousands of patients…

that chose a smarter way to recover

Join thousands of other patients that chose

a smarter way to rehab

“They did amazing work with my shoulder, and it was so convenient they had everything in one place!”

-Katherine (Tempe, AZ)


“These guys were miracle workers for my knee arthritis, I have no doubt they saved me from getting my knee replaced.”

-Bill (Chandler, AZ)


Our Experienced Team

Can Treat a Wide Variety of Hip Pain Conditions

IT band Syndome

Pain on the outside of your hip and knee is the main warning sign of an issue with your IT band. When foam rolling and rest aren’t helping our providers are here to help. Get answers in seconds with on-site ultrasound imaging and the latest treatments

Hip Pain That Comes From Your Low Back

In many cases of hip pain, the true source comes from a problem with the joints of your lower back or pelvis. Our experienced providers can identify this with an exam and on-site imaging and recommend the proper treatment for you. 

Hip Tendonitis and Sprains

Trauma or repetitive stress can cause injury to the tendons and ligaments of your hip. This can lead to frustrating pain during the activities you love. Our providers can diagnose this in seconds with on-site ultrasound imaging and recommend the right treatment for you. 

Hip Arthritis

Over time, hip joints lose lubricating fluid that protects the joint from rubbing together.  As the joint dries out, pain and swelling occurs as cartilage wears away. Our team can diagnose arthritis right away and offer you the best non-surgical treatments on the market for beating your pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your insurance, the average cost you can expect to pay for an ultrasound is between $0 – $65. (about the same price as an X-ray!)

Soft tissue injuries are frequently evaluated using MSK (musculoskeletal) diagnostic ultrasonography. Soft tissue injuries that can be detected using MSK diagnostic ultrasonography include:

  • Muscle tears or strains
  • Ligament sprains or tears
  • Tendinitis or tendinosis (damage to a tendon)
  • Bursitis (inflammation of a fluid-filled sac called bursa)
  • Joint effusion (accumulation of fluid in a joint)
  • Hematomas (collections of blood outside of a blood vessel)

When you go see a physical therapist for a muscle or ligament (strain/sprain) ailment, the first thing the therapist will do is perform a hands on examination.

Each physical therapist has a different way that they perform their exam, but mostly it will be a variation of moving and feeling your area of concern.

Without imaging to diagnose your condition, a physical therapist has to rely solely on their intuition to “best guess” the cause of your pain.

Receiving treatment with a true diagnosis can lead to several problems:

  1. Fair chance of getting your condition misdiagnosed
  2. Possibly spending weeks in therapy and later learning you needed surgery the entire time
  3. Not receiving the proper therapy for your condition
  4. Further aggravating your condition

Getting a low cost ultrasound at the beginning of your care can help you avoid these issues and help you receive the proper care.


No, physical therapy and ultrasound does not require a doctors referral in the state of Arizona (unless you have medicaid or AHCCCS, then you will need to jump through the hoop of getting a doctor referral in order to see us)