The Smart Way to Fix Your Joint and Back Pain Fast

All in One Convenient Visit!

Finding the Time to Take Care Of Your Pain Can Be Tough

We understand that you have a busy life. Driving to separate appointments at a doctor’s office, imaging center and a physical therapy clinic doesn’t fit into your plans. You deserve pain relief that fits into your schedule and your budget.

That's why we have everything you need to get diagnosed and treated RIGHT AWAY!

On-site Imaging

for diagnosing your muscle and ligament injuries in your elbow with the same accuracy as getting an MRI

Hands-on Physical Therapy

skilled hands on muscle work  relieves trapped nerves and improves motion to restricted muscles in your forearm and elbow

safely build back strength and flexibility with guided exercises from a experienced physical therapist

Sports Medicine

Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mesa Arizona for Knee Arthritis, Hip Arthritis, Torn Shoulder Muscle, Tendinitis Medicare

dramatically reduces annoying pain and inflammation in a few minutes

break up painful scar tissue and increases the healing response to irritated muscle tendons

reduce knee arthritis pain with injections that restore cushion and lubrication to your joints

Recover Smarter.

Eliminate 4 separate appointments (and co-pays) in just one visit

All in ONE Visit


Going to 4 Separate Visits

and Waiting for WEEKS

When Medical Providers and Physical Therapists Work Together You Win!

instead of dealing with multiple offices that never seem to be on the same page with your care, our providers talk on a daily basis

Our team has a full arsenal of medical and physical therapy treatments they can customize to fit your unique condition 

Streamlining your care in one clinic means fewer visits (and co-pays) for you and your family

We Are In-Network With Most Insurances

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