Tired of the never ending "knots" in your neck and shoulders?

you came to the right place.

Our experienced physical therapists and medical team can help you get out of your daily routine of being stiff and sore and into a version of yourself where your neck muscles feels stronger, healthier and pain-free.

What does your neck feel like right now?

Does this picture remind you of anyone?

This image shows the trigger point referral pattern that can lead to myofascial pain and syndromes such as headaches, tension and muscle strain

It always seems to be the SAME muscles, with the SAME annoying knots, doesn’t it?

How aggravating is it that no matter how much you stretch, rub or foam roll….. NOTHING ever seems to last more than a day or two?

You already know that something isn't quite right with your neck...

but with a so many treatment options out there for neck pain... where do you start?

  • Do you see a chiropractor?
  • Get a massage?
  • Get an injection? 

all of these may help you find temporary relief…. BUT

The "knots" in your neck never go away if...

your muscles lack the strength to keep your shoulders from "slouching"

Truth is, your posture is everything when it comes to keeping your neck and upper back muscles healthy and pain free. Since no two people are the same, the right physical therapist can help identify which of your muscles are out of balance and correct them.

A person with a good posture will rarely experience “knots” because strong muscles:

Our physical therapists will go the extra mile for you

helping you achieve lasting relief in 4 simple steps

1)Identify the Cause of Your Neck Stiffness and Pain

Our therapists will take your through a thorough functional spinal exam to identify the underlying reason behind your neck and shoulder pain

2) Blast Away Your Pain With Hands-On Therapy Sessions

Each visit you’ll start to feel your “knots” relaxing more and more as your building strength and getting hands-on soft tissue therapy

 3) Keep You Inspired and Motivated to Achieve the Results You Need

Sometimes we all need that push from people who care, our therapists are committed to keeping you motivated and accountable to achieving the goals you have 

  4)Teach You How to Maintain Your Results 

After you achieve your results, our therapists will prescribe you a customized at-home routine you can use to keep your results for years to come

Neck Pain Treatments

Our physical therapists have a variety of tools to melt away your stubborn tension, decompress your achy joints and restore flexibility to your stiff neck and back muscles. 

Our Experienced Team

Can Treat a Wide Variety of Neck Pain Conditions

Chronic Muscle Pain ("Knots")

Poor posture from sleeping on our side, holding our baby or working at a computer can cause hours of strain on our neck and shoulders each day. Our therapists can help you strengthen and balance your muscles so “knots” GO AWAY and STAY AWAY


Chronic muscle tension in our neck muscles can refer pain behind our eyes, on our forehead and around our temples. Our therapists can help eliminate chronic tension and get you lasting headache relief.

Herniated Discs (Bulging Discs)

Trauma and degeneration can cause cracks within the weakened areas of the spinal discs. As this happens, the jelly-like material of the center of the disc will leak out and irritate the surrounding areas. Pinching, numbness, and pressure can occur as the disc balloons out and pinches the nearby nerves.

Pulled Muscles and Strains

Trauma or “moving the wrong way” can flare up painful muscle spasms in your neck. The pain can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of your life. We can help relieve the spasms and fix the underlying cause of your pain. 

Join thousands of patients…

that chose a smarter way to recover

Join thousands of other patients that chose

a smarter way to rehab

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your insurance, the average cost you can expect to pay for a physical therapy visit is between $0 – $90 for an hour long session.

Each visit is an action packed experience with your therapist. There is combination of hands soft tissue massage, assisted stretching and guided exercises by an experienced therapist.

The quality of the providers we have on staff is second to none. When you come into a Modern facility, you will get a dedicated and engaged therapist that is committed to getting you the results you need. 

Building strong muscles in your neck and back are key to improving your posture and keeping your muscles relaxed long term. If you are experiencing very mild discomfort in your neck and shoulders, then exercising your traps, rhomboids and posterior neck muscles will most likely do the trick.

If you haven’t worked these muscles out in a while, then you most likely have a significant imbalance in your muscles. A physical therapist can help you achieve results by 

  1. Identifying which muscles are short and tight and which ones are stretched and weak
  2. Coach you through the proper exercises needed to get you back to balance (rather than reinforcing the imbalance you have)
  3. Perform soft tissue therapy and stretches to the muscles before exercise so you don’t injure yourself
  4. Progress you through exercises that get more challenging over time 
  5. After you achieve balance in your muscles, our PTs can coach you how to maintain your results in the gym or at your home

Damaged spinal discs can balloon out and cause pinching to the nearby nerves. Because your discs are flexible, if you can get the spinal bones in the right 3D alignment, and do the right movement, you can create the right force to “guide” the disc back into the proper position.

This requires A TON training and experience from a therapist to understand how to do this complex rehabilitation.