The Smart Way to Fix Your Joint and Back Pain Fast.

Sun Lakes AZ Top Physical Therapy Clinic for Joint and Back Pain Colin Rigney PT

The Smart Way to Fix Your Joint and Back Pain Fast.

Orthopedics, Imaging and Physical Therapy all in ONE Convenient Clinic in Sun Lakes, AZ!

We're the Orthopedic and Physical Therapy clinic thousand of doctors and patients trust in Sun Lakes.

Our Sun Lakes team of physical therapists and orthopedic providers can help you get the successful recovery your looking for while cutting out all the extra steps (and costs) you normally have to deal with: doctors visits, imaging centers, physical therapy clinics and orthopedic clinics.  

Sun lakes physical therapy on the neck and upper back pain
Orthopedic Doctor in Sun Lakes AZ , Orthopedic Surgeon in Chandler Az

Get the right treatment everytime with Imaging and Physical Therapy

Our orthopedic and physical therapy clinic in Sun Lakes uses ultrasound imaging to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain and make sure you get the right treatment every time.

On-site imaging eliminates the guesswork out of your physical therapy

Armed with the right diagnosis, our physical therapists and medical providers can determine the best care for you: rather that’s with us or sending you out to a surgeon

Orthopedic Injections that help boost your recovery results

Our orthopedic medical providers specialize in injections that quickly reduce your inflammation and pain

Orthopedic Services We Offer to the Sun Lakes and Chandler Community

On-Site Imaging

Orthopedic and on-site imaging being done at Modern Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Sun Lakes and Chandler

for diagnosing your muscle and ligament injuries with the same accuracy as getting an MRI

Hands-On Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and rehabilitation being performed at modern physical therapy and sports medicine in Sun Lakes and Chandler Arizona

skilled hands on muscle work relieves trapped nerves and improves motion to restricted muscles

safely build back strength and flexibility with guided exercises from a experienced physical therapist

Improve circulation and remove pressure off of painful spinal joints

Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Chandler and Sun Lakes Top Orthopedic Physician For Shoulder Pain, Knee Arthritis and Hip Arthritis

dramatically reduces annoying pain and inflammation in a few minutes

Reduce pain in arthritic knees by restoring cushion and lubrication to your joints

Help to relax stubborn knots and spasms in your back and neck

Meet The Sun Lakes Team

Katelyn Steinken DPT Best Physical Therapist in Chandler, AZ and Sun Lakes, AZ

Katelyn Steinken DPT

With over 6 years of treating joint and back pain in Sun Lakes, Kate has helped thousands of patients find lasting pain relief through physical therapy. Kate specializes in back and joint dysfunction, as well as balance and fall prevention. 

Kate has a passion for helping individuals of all ages recover from injuries, manage chronic conditions, and improve overall function. She takes a patient-centered approach and tailors each treatment plan to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual.

Kate Specializes in the Following Treatments to Help You Recover:

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Disc Rehabilitation
  • Certified integrated manual therapist
  • Dry needling
  • Cupping
  • Knee Arthritis Rehabilitation
  • Dance Injuries
Colin Rigney Physical Therapist and Diagnostic Ultrasound and Orthopedic

Colin Rigney DPT

Colin Rigney is a highly experienced physical therapist with over 14 years of experience in the Chandler. He is one of few physical therapists in the country to be certified in diagnostic ultrasound, a type of imaging used to diagnose soft tissue injuries like tendinitis, sprains and strains.  Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury or managing chronic pain, Colin has the skills and knowledge to help you reach your goals and improve your quality of life.

Colin Specializes in the Following Treatments to Help You Recover:

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Disc Rehabilitation
  • Certified integrated manual therapist
  • Rotator Cuff Treatment
  • Cupping
  • Knee Arthritis Treatment
  • Vestibular/vertigo
Brandon Paige Orthopedic Physician Assistant, Knee Arthritis Injections, Orthopedic Doctor

Brandon Paige Orthopedic PA-C

For over 6 years, Brandon has worked alongside some of the most prestigious spinal and orthopedic surgeons in the east valley. He is exceptionally trained in diagnosing orthopedic and spinal conditions as well as non-surgical interventions. 

Brandon Specializes in the Following Treatments to Help You Recover:

  • Knee Arthritis Visco-gel Injections
  • Spinal Trigger Point Injections
  • Hip Injections
  • Shoulder Injections
  • Elbow Injections
  • Reading X-ray, Ultrasound and MRI
  • Understanding of When You Need to See a Surgeon
In-network Physical Therapist in Sun Lakes, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Peoria AZ

We Are In-Network With Most Insurances

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Location and Hours

Modern Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Sun Lakes, AZ

10450 E Riggs Rd Ste 104, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

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What Makes Us Different From Other Physical Therapy Clinics in Sun Lakes, AZ?

Our Physical Therapists are the only therapists in Arizona that use diagnostic ultrasound to accurately diagnose your condition. Whereas other physical clinics rely on what they “feel” to make a best guess at what’s wrong with you, our team never has to guess with your treatment.

Getting imaging before your start treatment is helpful to you because it saves you from paying for the wrong treatment and improves your chances of getting a full recovery!

Here are some studies that explain how getting an accurate imaging is at detecting injuries.

What Orthopedic Injections does Your Office Perform?

Our orthopedic clinic specializes in non-surgical treatment of joint and back conditions. Our orthopedic provider Brandon Paige PA-C uses in-house x-ray and ultrasound to accurately diagnose your condition. He has worked with the top surgeons in the valley so if you need surgery, he can refer you to best surgeon for your exact condition. If surgery is not needed, then Brandon is one of the most trained providers in orthopedic injections in the country.

  • visco-gel knee arthritis injections
  • steroid injections
  • trigger point injections 

Does your Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Clinic In-Network with Medicare and Insurance?

Modern Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Sun Lakes, AZ is in-network with Medicare, Mercy Care, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare and most Medicare replacement plans. It is helpful to call our clinic and we can verify your insurance to let you know if we are in-network with your exact insurance plan

Where is Modern Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Located in Sun Lakes, AZ?

Our Modern Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Sun Lakes Clinic is located at 10450 E Riggs Rd Ste 104, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. On the North East Corner of Riggs and Alma School Road.