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With over 40 years of sports medicine and orthopedic experience treating injuries, our medical team knows how to get you back in the game. Rather your dealing with chronic conditions such as degenerative disc pain or knee arthritis, our physicians have the tools to turn back the clock and get you’re the relief you want.  

Proven Results

The majority of our patients experience a reduction in pain of 85% or more and noticeable increases in range of motion and improved posture.

Fast Relief

Our revolutionary program of Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy has you back to enjoying your life in HALF the time of traditional therapy.

Cost Effective

 Our offices are in-network with most insurance plans and provide treatment options for any budget.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Meet The Doctors

Dr Alex Onofrei

Dr Onofrei has been a top sports medicine physician in the valley for over 20 years. As the team physician for Red Mountain Highschool and Arsenal FC, Dr Onofei has excelled at returning injured athletes to the field. Highly regarded for his knowledge in injury management, he was voted as The Top Team Physician by the Athletic Trainer Association. He specializes in non-surgical sports medicine procedures to help patients get back to the active lifestyles they enjoy.

Troy Bushman

Known around the valley as one of the top doctors for spine and joint pain, Dr Bushman has been a great addition to our treatment team. He received his training with some of the top sports and spine doctors in the country during his residency with Barrows Neurological Institute. Dr Bushman combines the holistic approach he learned in Osteopathic school with modern medical techniques to deliver innovative treatments that work with the body's natural healing ability. He is always a patient favorite for his compassionate and caring personality he shows everyone he treats.

Renee Privett

Renee is a board-certified Physician Assistant that has specialized in orthopedic/sports medicine injuries since 2002. Originally from Northern California, Renee moved to Arizona in 1997 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from California State University, Chico. Renee went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona.

Renee has an extensive background in treating all types of orthopedic/sports medicine injuries. Having been involved in many orthopedic specialty care settings to include sports medicine related injuries, general orthopedics, osteoarthritic care, foot and ankle subspecialties, shoulder subspecialties, fracture care and orthopedic trauma surgery. She has worked side by side with excellent orthopedic/sports medicine physicians and surgeons throughout her career, learning new techniques and obtaining invaluable cutting-edge experience. She was a high school and collegiate athlete, so she understands the need of athletes return to play, as well as the various types of traumatic injuries and overuse injuries that can occur with daily activity.

Renee takes her time with her patients and truly listens to their orthopedic/sports medicine needs. She prides herself in her quality of care to every individual she treats. She wants to make sure her patients understand their diagnosis and all treatment options. By working under the philosophy of compassionate collaboration, Renee and her patients establish achievable and successful treatment plans.

When Renee is not at work, she enjoys experiencing new adventures, spending time with her husband, two sons and their family dogs. She leads an active lifestyle with daily exercise and outdoor activities such as paddle-boarding and hiking. She also has a creative side and enjoys baking/decorating custom cakes and cupcakes.

Renee is excited to be a part of the Modern Physical Therapy team, and looks forward to helping you feel better, move better and get back to life!

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